+ What Are Silent Disco Headphones?

Silent Disco headphones are wireless headphone receivers worn by participants in events where those without the headphones hear nothing. The sound is broadcast via a radio transmitter with the headphones picking up the signal. One of the most popular uses for the headphones is for discos and parties. People can enjoy the immersive, social experience without worrying about noise restrictions.

+ How far can you transmit the signal?

Our state of the art headphones can transmit up to 500 metres.

+ Where can you deliver?

Currently we cover the South Devon area including Exeter, Plymouth & Torbay.

+ How do I send back the headphones?

Simply pack the equipment back into the storage boxes provided and we will arrange collection.

+ How long will delivery take?

We will deliver the equipment at least 24 hours before the date of your event.

+ What happens if I break something?

Our equipment is very robust; however, if there is any irreversible damage to the equipment or it is lost, it is chargeable at a rate of £20 per pair of headphones and £50 per transmitter.

+ Can I use my mobile phone, laptop, tablet or iPod for a Silent Disco?

Absolutely. You can pretty much connect to any electrical device that makes a sound.

+ Can I play playlists, Spotify or You Tube on the headphones?

Yes. Anything at all that you would normally listen to on headphones or speakers can be connected to the transmitter and enjoyed by everyone wearing the headphones.N.B. To make sure your playlist is available at your venue it’s worth checking if there is a reliable Wi-Fi signal for live streaming. Alternatively, if there isn’t Wi-Fi simply download the playlist to your device to avoid the risk of disconnection.

+ Can I use the equipment for outdoor/Silent Cinema?

Yes. The wireless headphone system is used by many outdoor cinemas because it means people can listen to the film without disturbing neighbours. It also means that traffic, wind, aeroplanes and other noise pollution won’t interfere with enjoyment of the film. Professional Cinemas also use the headphones to show films in multiple languages simultaneously.

+ How do I connect an iPod/laptop/mobile phone?

Playing music from an iPod, Laptop or mobile phone is really easy. Simply plug the audio cable into the headphone socket, and the other end into the transmitter. Choose your playlist, hit play and pump up the volume. It is advisable for you to set your device at 70-100% of full volume for optimum results. The audio cable is supplied as part of the package.

+ How do I connect a DJ?

Connect the master output of the DJ mixer to the transmitter with the supplied audio cable. This is normally where the amplifier is connected. Usually the transmitter connection will replace the amplifier connection. Most mixers have red and white RCA/Phono outputs. Something worth noting is that if the mixer has a XLR Audio Pinout or 1/4” jack output you’ll have to get an adapter. You can also connect the record output or DJ booth output to our transmitters.

+ How do I connect a band?

The transmitter should be connected to the output of the master mixer (which all the instruments and microphones are connected to). You can also use the Aux or Bus outputs particularly if you wish to mix different elements for the headphones.

+ How do I connect a P.A? (i.e. a microphone)

The microphone should be set up through a mixing desk as with a traditional loudspeaker set up and then simply connect the transmitter to the audio output rather than the amplifier. Any additional devices (multiple microphones, devices or laptops) should also be connected to the mixer. How many Silent Disco headphones can I connect at once? You can connect an unlimited number of headphones and receivers at once without any negative effect on the purity of the sound quality.

+ Is Silent Disco suitable for children?

Kids absolutely love them! To keep young ears safe, you can control the “master volume” by turning down the audio input to the transmitter to a level that you’re happy with. This means that the maximum volume any headphone can receive is limited to whatever you’ve set it at.

Silent Disco is a great option for kids’ discos because it allows you to have a range of music, for example nursery rhymes, kids’ songs, playlists for kids and you can even sneak in a playlist for the adults to enjoy.


“We had such a fab time silent disco-ing! Who would believe it was so much fun dancing around in silence with headphones that light up! It was great to have three channels with such a mixture of great tunes to choose from. Loved trying to guess the songs people were listening to by watching everyone’s crazy dance moves! Highly recommend it as a great night for any occasion.”
— Zannah & Will