How it works

Silent events are still a new concept to some people and we often get asked questions about how it works and if it's complicated to set up.

Actually the set up is as simply as plugging each of our transmitters into your own audio sources (e.g. laptop, tablet, DJ/PA system, smart phone etc.) Adjust the volume on your headphones and you’re ready to go. It's that simple and should only take 5mins.


Setting up the equipment



How do I hire?

It's simple, just let us know how many headphones you require and we do the rest.


1. You select quantity of headphones.

Fill out the hire form, email or phone us letting us know how many headphones you require and any additional information you need.

4. You plug in your music source.

With the equipment you will receive full instructions. There is further support (videos of setting up) on our website or you can simply give us a call.. 

2. We call you and take a deposit.

We will call you to confirm the booking and give you a total hire cost which includes a refundable deposit. We will accept payment via BACS or Paypal.

5. You enjoy your fun filled silent event.

What ever your up to we salute you for trying out a new  unique experience.

3. We package up and send the

We will make sure that your headphones are perfectly packed, sent and delivered to arrive no later than 24hrs before the date of your event.

6. You pack and return in same box.

Simply pack the equipment back into the box provided and we will arrange collection. Normally 24hrs after the date of your event.


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